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12 mar



The total number of subscribers to IP television services is expected to increase from twenty to almost ninety million over the next four years. A success partly due to a constantly improved quality of service. Quality of service, HD content, exclusive programs or direct control. These parameters represent large investments for IP protocol television operators. Which should not stop relying on such factors to improve the user experience to boost their growth. As Jose Alvear, a Multimedia Research Group analyst and author of a report on the IPTV market, explains, « IP television operators should continue to add a whole range of services to their services as well as improve their quality of service, especially in the most competitive markets, that is to say in Europe and North America « . It is in part thanks to such investments that the global IPTV market should experience exponential growth, going from twenty million to eighty million subscribers.

In Europe for example, it seems that the growth in the number of subscribers to IPTV services is proportional to the gradual increase in the number of channels offering high definition content. Thus, within four years, the European market – east and west combined – should be significantly more developed than the Asian market. Europe will then have around 40% of the total number of subscribers worldwide, compared to 35% for Asia. Despite the economic situation, French operators should in particular display very good health. In general, the whole European sector should be able to get out of the game by constantly offering new services, exclusive content and interactive functions.

In Asia, despite disappointing Japanese results, Multimedia Research Group also predicts strong growth for China, Taiwan and Korea. In 2012, the United States will represent less than 20% of the IP television market. Despite this, they should dominate the market in terms of gross revenues (thirteen billion dollars), given a higher average turnover per user. The two of them, Verizon and At & T, should already have around three million subscribers by the end of the year. A figure which should not stop increasing. Smaller US and Canadian operators will experience a similar fate, albeit in smaller proportions.

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